Stale data in OneDrive Sync Admin Report Dashboard

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We are testing the OneDrive Sync Health public preview internally and at a couple test sites. Today I noticed a user had an error saying OneDrive isn't signed in (Last status report time was yesterday at 2PM). I went to the user and they were signed in, they stated they were prompted to sign in this morning when they came in (at 8AM). It's now 2PM, I just double checked and he is definitely signed in (I had him close and open OneDrive) and the dashboard still shows them not signed in. 


Why is the polling time so high for agents to check in to the dashboard? Providing us 12 or 24 hour stale errors isn't helping. It's going to cause frustrations if techs reach out to resolve a sync or sign in error only to find out there is no problem and the dashboard is just showing old errors. 


Is anyone else seeing these types of problems? Is there a way to lower the polling time for the OneDrive client?





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Microsoft's official response to my feedback:


"Thanks for your feedback! The reports currently refreshes once every 24 hours. We will be listening to feedback and improving the experience. "


It was nice of them to response to me!

If anyone thinks this is way too long to be actionable, please give feedback as well here:

2021-05-27 16_36_56-OneDrive sync reports in the Apps Admin Center - OneDrive _ Microsoft Docs and 3.png

I have installed an error. it takes 36 hours until the error is displayed in the dashboard. I think they have to speedup the things, otherwise nobody would use this dashboard.
Can you post your displeasure at the link below also? I did and got a response from MS. The response was, "we don't plan on changing it but we're taking feedback".

Also did you submit feedback on the dashboard itself? I have experienced the same as you 24-36 hours before any change. I think the only reason it's not getting more negative feedback is because people aren't using it or it's not rolled out to them yet.
As an MVP I'm working directly with the Microsoft OneDrive Product group and give them response