Some questions on eDiscovery Hold on a OneDrive for Business Account (terminated employee)

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I am experimenting with eDiscovery Holds on a user's OneDrive for Business Account, and looking for a few clarifying yes/no questions:


  1. Does the hold imply that the OD4B site will exist indefinitely (until the hold is released)?
  2. Does the hold imply that documents in the OD4B site can no longer be changed or deleted?
  3. If files have been shared with other users, will users be able to still access those files (until the hold is released and the site is deleted by the system)?
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1) The hold would imply that the OD4B site would NOT be deleted until the hold was released.
2) If the eDiscovery Hold was applied through the eDiscovery center then the document can still be updated, but if it is then a snapshot of the held document will be added to the eDiscovery center so it can be retrieved at that point in time without the changes.
3) If files have been shared then other users should still have access to the file until they are deleted( which won't happen until the hold is removed)