Sites tab in OneDrive(IOS) mobile app has an error "Make sure you're connected to a Wi-Fi or.."

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I am receiving an error in my OneDrive mobile app when I view the Sites tab - you should see your SharePoint sites 

I am able to view the SharePoint site when I use my safari browser and use the separate app - SharePoint. 


I tried following this article, but still no luck to connect my OneDrive to the SharePoint Sites.


I can view all the files I have sync in OneDrive except with the files under a teams site. I am connected to the network and also tried using cellular data, still no luck. 



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Please take a look at instructions below

    1. Go to Settings> WlAN or Cellular, switch it to OFF, and then turn it ON again.
    2. Access OneDrive for Business on web to check if the error message occurs.
    3. Follow steps in this article to troubleshoot problems with the app.

    4. Please ensure you have enabled OneDrive to use WLAN & Cellular in Settings. Go to Settings> Cellular> Apps Using WLAN & Cellular> OneDrive> WLAN & Cellular Data.

    5. Make sure app is uptodate and reinstall if needed.



Hi SPO Admin, 


Thank you for your response. We have re-installed and check the WLAN and Cellular settings, everything is okay. We can confirm that by seeing files on other tabs within the OneDrive app. The Sites tab was the only one has this error. 



We also followed the below steps from MS - How to add OneDrive for business account, however, it returned an error. 

  1. Tap Add account.

  2. On the sign in screen, tap Have a SharePoint Server URL? Then enter the web address of your SharePoint server to continue the sign-in process. The web address, also known as a URL, may look like http://portal.


Sharepoint Server.PNG


But when we browse the Sharepoint URL through mobile browser or SharePoint mobile app, we are able to get in. 


We have the same problem really need a fix on this it has been happening to all our users????