Silent Sync Acct Config( Windows 10 only and requires ADAL)

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I saw in o365 roadmap about Silent Sync Acct Config( Windows 10 only and requires ADAL)


This is suppose to be roll out in Sept, is this feature rolled out for all the O365 tenant. 


Can anyone what exact this functionality and how this can be implemented?



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I got following from TechCommunity Blog


Silent Sync Auto-Account Configuration for OneDrive with ADAL- Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication Library will now support silent sync and account config for OneDrive. This will automatically configure OneDrive during a new device provisioning and ensure a new users OneDrive is automatically set up without any interaction required from the end user


It seems to interesting feature for new windows feature. However they have not mentioned about the roll out plan.  If any one has any idea, please share your thoughts.


Hi Avian,

We just demoed this feature at Ignite today! We don't have a timeframe to announce just yet but you can find out more at The feature is in preview right now as well! Hope that helps!

Stephen Rice
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Thanks Stephen for response.


I also saw Ignite Session and came to know MS is also considered 43 UserVoice suggestions. Where I can get the list considered 43 suggestions. I am eager to see this list.


Is this list published anywhere ?



Hi Avian1,


The OneDrive - Past, Present, and Future session covers a number of features that have been released, including those in user voice. You can also check out this link which shows all 203 features that are marked as "Done" in the OneDrive user voice. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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Does this feature require Win10 v1709, or will it work on older windows versions if the latest onedrive client is installed?

Also, the documentation specifies that ADAL must be enabled first, and suggests downloading and installing a .reg file to do this. Wouldn't it make more sense to add a GPO setting to enable ADAL?

Is this work for MFA or 2FA? If so then what setting we should check.