Silent Config working for some users - Server 2016

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I have silent config working fine for our Windows 10 Desktops and it is working OK on some users on our RDS Server - however for other users it is signing in and then asking what to sync - which extremely frustrating.


I have been looking all day, is there any logs which can tell me why it is asking what to sync instead of what is in the policy. The server is Azure AD joined via Hybrid and confirmed working through dsregcmd.


My brain is fried - any ideas?!

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@petegriggsI've been having issues getting OneDrive to sign RDS users in automatically.  Have you gotten this to work in your environment?  Would you mind telling me what settings you have in place?  We're using FSLogix for both profile and Office containers, servers are 2019 with Office 365, everyone has E3 licenses, and all of the usual "options" are enabled in the FSLogix GPO as well as for OneDrive via the ADMX templates.  OneDrive is launching for people but just sitting in the tray without trying to auto-sign them in despite all of the documented steps being followed.


I should probably add, also, that we are enforcing MFA and I have read once or twice online that the silent autoconfig does not work with MFA.  Is this true and possibly the issue?