Sharing works in Classic UI, blocked in new UI


So I just tried to share a file with external user and was greeted by the "the recipient doesnt have permissions to access this item" error message. External access is allowed on all levels, I triple checked this. What's more interesting, when I switch to Classic UI I can share with no problems.


Now, as I'm preparing some demos and the file had some PII in it, initially I thought this might be due to the DLP policies and the new feature that we will get soon that will show Policy tips right in the sharing dialog. However, I get the exact same experience with another file that has no PII data in it.


Is it working as expected for you folks?

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Just to add, I see this both in SPO and ODFB.

Seems to be fine here, I have just anonymously shared a folder with my hotmail e-mail and It's working as expected

It is working regularly here too. 

But, if I remember well, this same issue has been described in other threads in the past...

Oh, lucky me... just in time for the demos next week :)

Yeap, very can always borrow a tenant where it's working :p