Sharing company documents internally

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We have 3 O365 accounts and we all share and work with the same documents.


Sharepoint didn't match our necessities and we added all documents into 1 of those 3 accounts and we installed OneDrive For Business on all computers (PC, Laptops, Cellphones), with the same account. The other 2 accounts are empty. The problem is that sometimes it makes incompabilities with some logins.


We wanted a "master user/administrator" in wich all OneDrive applications on devices syncs and then it can be accessed with each 

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You should not be sharing accounts that isn’t supported setup. You want to log in as the accounts tied to the devices and from whoever account owns the documents can share folders with internal staff to sync. Or you can go into site settings and the old settings menus and add permission to the entire library to sync.

However why wouldn’t you put it on SharePoint it’s exactly the same thing and the menus to add permissions aren’t hidden. You can use the same onedrive sync client to sync the SharePoint libraries the same etc. then one user doesn’t own the documents and they can be tied to a site etc.