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Is there a way to see who is synchronizing documents from SharePoint?

We are moving all of our document libraries and I would like to alert all users that are synchronizing files to stop the sync until I finish.  I will then send them a link to the new libraries for them to start new syncs.





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Not that I’m aware of. Your best bet might be to actually move the content out of the libraries or mark the library as read only be stripping permissions. Copying data over and once verified “delete” the content out of the old library. That way they files get removed off people’s machines. You could put a text file in place with a link to the new location and instructions for awhile before killing the library. Otherwise you’ll have people with errors and orphaned local files etc. Since from what I recall removing a library and or view permissions will leave and offline files behind and generate errors.

Thanks @Chris Webb,

I was afraid of that.  Thanks for the info, I didn't think about orphans.  I thought a file of the same name would get overwritten with the new sync.




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Yeah, go through and test the scenario out with a couple users, making sure to sync with files ondemand, but also what happens if a library is set to online only. When online only and sync breaks / you remove a sync library, it usually retains files. Go through each scenario and see what happens, but I think you best bet would be keep them both up and remove the files from the old one to make sure they get removed from devices before killing the access / library.
Thanks again for your help...
No easy button :)