Shared folder with editing rights

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I see an odd behaviour with a folder that is shared with editing rights.


When I share a folder wth a colleague he can open that folder via shared with me.

When he clicks on New he only gets the option new folder and new link.










After creating a new folder I get al the other options.










And then I can create a new document in the shared folder.

When I close this screen and go back to my OneDrive and click shared with me and go back to this folder the options are gone again. I can open a folder I created and the options are back and I can create a document.


I have seen this behaviour in two different tennants Is this expected behaviour? 









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Hi @Maurits Knoppert,


Thanks for reporting this! We've reproduced the issue internally and are investigating. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

Give you a reply when there is an update?
Hello Stephen,

Can you give an update about this issue?

Maurits Knoppert

Hi @Maurits Knoppert,


We've identified the bug internally and are continuing to investigate the solution. We should have more to share in the New Year. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II