Shared file links are flagged as suspicious in Gmail

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Whenever we try to share files on onedrive to someone using gmail, the link to the file gets flagged as suspicious, however we are unable to verify the URL on google as it is something like Is there a way to stop gmail from flagging the links as suspicious besides trying to get Microsoft to verify their links on Google.

As it is really inconvenient and does not look good when we need to share business documents to others using gmail and everything gets flagged as suspicious.



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@oscarwuI haven't personally experienced this issue but as it's a problem with G-suite rather than MS I would suggest trying a Google forum! Hope you find a solution.

@Kotus-TechThank you for you reply. I know this is probably a problem with Google services, however, I am unable to contact support for G-suite as our company does not use G-suite. This is a problem that happens to all links that we share through gmail, which does not look good for company emails where we share documents. That is why I am here trying to see if MS can do something about it.

@oscarwu I can't even get Gmail to stop flagging Google's own alerts as spam, so good luck with getting it to handle other companies' protocols!

@oscarwuIf your company is using Gmail surely you are using G-suite? Have you tried to contact Google or to find a forum for them?

@Kotus-Tech oscarwu said that he/she is sharing the link to someone using gmail, she's not using gmail. I am having the same issue. We have a sharepoint site that we want clients to come in to fill in a form and we share the link via email. And when the recipient is a Gmail user, it will always flag it as a "suspicious link". The solution that is shared on forums is to go to google postmaster and get a TXT record to add to our domain DNS. However the sharepoint domain ( is not owned by us. Anyone has a solution for this? Thanks