Share space between OneDrive for Business Plan 2 and Office 365 Business?

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I have this requirement: there are around 10 peoples that need to access roughly 2Tb of shared documents.

If I buy 10 licenses of Office 365 and one license of OneDrive for Business Plan 2 should I be able to load the documents in the OneDrive for Business Plan 2 account and share them to all 10 peoples so that they can see and edit the documents?

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This is not really how Onedrive is suppose to be used! Onedrive is a personal space and it’s not to be used as shared storage! It’s not designed for it at least!

Sharepoint is the way to go and you already have it with any office 365 plan!
With a business license you get 1 tb of data and additional 10 gb per licensed user!
You can buy more storage if needed!

About Sharepoint:


@adam deltinger thank you for the reply.

This solution was given to me by a Microsoft phone operator. Anyway, I may ask the question in a different way: is there any Microsoft solution for my problem? Sharepoint would be good but the storage space is not enough.

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SharePoint is the way to go regarding shared storage!

And As I said you can buy additional storage very easy up to unlimited!


Can you please explain your scenario and the things you need and I can help you better

Dear @adam deltinger,


The scenario is the following:


  • 10+ employees
  • around 1.5M documents for a total of 2Tb+ 
  • each employee should be able to access the whole set (or a subset) of them
  • the documents are mostly:
    • MS Word
    • MS Excel
    • PDF
    • MS PPT
    • Other
  • the employees should  be able to create folders  and create/edit documents;

Keeping the history of changes (for those that are edited) and get the previous versions of documents is a big nice to have feature.


That's all.

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Yeah! Having a sharepoint team site for this seems ideal! You could also create a team for this if you’re not using any advanced doc features and have conversations etc..

@adam deltinger is there some magic way to use SP like file explorer?
I can't seem to find a way to "work" from my desktop to SP. If I could, I would make a SP site and put these files in the SP documents.


You can sync any library to your computer! Is that what you mean?