Security issues with sharing documents with OneDrive thru Outlook

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We have changed the default settings of sharing document thru OneDrive on Tenant Level to: Selected People and Read as default for sharing in OneDrive. In most clients the settings are honored but in the following it is not:


Office Pro Plus - Selected People with edit access

Outlook 2016 - Company wide with edit access

OWA - Selected people with edit access


This is so confusing but worst of all is that if you share thru OWA it Always sends out a link that works for the whole Company. Ie even if we do not change the Tenant settings to selected people/read the users who manually needs to restrict access to only selected people Think that they have done that but in reality they have send out a Company wide acces link


This must be a Security issue??


Please advise!


Thanks! //Magnus

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Yup, we discussed this when the feature was first announced ( Unfortunately, no movement since then...