Search across "Shared with me" ?

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What is the procedure for a user to search for files within OfB ?


Let's assume the user doesn't remember if the file was originally shared by someone else.


So he jumps to OfB and triggers the search.

The result is zero....because the file is underneath "shared with me".


I've assumed that he would list me all files witin "OfB only" but in fact he lists me only files which are underneath of the "Files View"


is this correct or am i doing something wrong here ?



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ok, it seems that it took a while until the files (shared with me) were indexed. I can see them now.


another question , related to onedrive search:

is this really true that i can search for files (within onedrive) which follows one of thefollowing criteria ?


  • Items in your OneDrive for Business.

  • Items that someone has shared with you.

  • Items that are stored on a site that you follow.

especially the last item is an interesting one:

example: if i'm member of 10 SPO sites, but i do not follow any of them, how can if find files then ?


so there is no global search across all sites where i'm member of (incl. my own onedrive), correct ?

If yes, why this is not possible and how you explain this to endusers ?

I'm just curious :)



You should be able to search on top left of this page irrespective of whether you follow group or not. It will display content across all sites/subsites and Groups.