Retention/Hold/Preservation Policies in OneDrive for Business

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Is Litigation hold available or retention hold for OneDrive for business? It seems perhaps that OneDrive offers a preservation hold as per Learn about retention for SharePoint and OneDrive - Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft Docs. My us case is as follows:


  • For a group of users ensure we keep all files they created in OneDrive for Business in the last X years
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Litigation hold is an Exchange concept, but you can use Retention policies for that scenario, yes.
Thanks for the clarification regarding Litigation hold. So in the OneDrive context what is the difference between A Retention Policy and Preservation hold library?
Retention policy is the configuration setting that says which content needs to be preserved and for how long. PHL is where deleted content ends up, and is kept for the duration of the policy. It's all explained in the article above.