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We want to restrict user that he can not upload any file which is more than 2 GB, so sync should not take much to avoid those location where we have poor internet bandwidth.


Is this possible?



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There is no such policy I’m afraid!


Hi @Avian 1


I understand the limits sit at 10GB as Microsoft had bumped up the limits a couple of years ago.


The user may have to Pause syncing while in a low bandwidth area (if it's a temporary thing) or may have to sync files after hours when not using the device.




Best of luck!




The file size limit is actually 15 Gb per file..
There’s no policy’s to control sync of files on a maximum size level except the service limit of 15 gb per file..
There are policy’s to control which file types are allowed to sync as well as conditional policy’s like only domain joined devices are allowed to sync etc..
Also as Damien stated, the user can pause sync or choose to upload somewhere with a faster internet connection!
Also I think this is a educational thing! The users should be let known about this!


I was thinking! You could utilize GPO if applicable! There is a setting called "Set the maximum percentage of upload bandwidth that OneDrive.exe uses" in the OneDrive GP template!


/ Adam

Must have snuck upwards in GB since I last checked. Thanks for the update @adam deltinger!


And I agree with you, education will be important in combination with whatever technology workaround that are being planned.