Restore your OneDrive and the sync client

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I have a lot of questions about the "Restore your OneDrive" functionality.


If I kick off a restore of my OneDrive, how does that affect the OneDrive sync client?  When the restore is complete will that replace all files that are synced down to my machine?  When the restore is processing, I was still able to move files into my OneDrive.  Would that file sync down to my machine?


The documentation around this whole process is lacking.   Not to mention the time to restore is taking multiple days.  I had a restore that sat at 98% for over 24 hours.  I was hoping to hear from someone that has experience with a restore.

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Basically, that Onedrive space in the cloud will look exactly the same on your computer, so whatever changes You do like a restore would sync down to your computer. If you add files during that goes for the same on your machine.

How much time the restore takes varies on amount of data and when syncing, the connection as well

My main concern is what happens with the OneDrive sync client.  Will it upload the corrupted files again after the restore?

@Joe McGowan When you restore, that will revert back to a previous version of the files and the sync client will download those. It will not upload the corrupted files again, assuming there isn't something that corrupts them again on the device, in which case that would be seen as a new change after the restore. Does that help?