Reporting on Known Folder Move status?

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I've had it on my list for a while to deploy OneDrive to users in our org, replacing their existing home drives in the process.  I think it might also allow us to finally eliminate roaming profiles as well.  Known Folder Move seems like it will make this much easier compared to the old method using Folder Redirection.  However, I need to know for sure that KFM is active for users before I tell them it's safe to save in 'Documents' and then turn off their roaming profile.  

Is there any option to report on which users have KFM enabled, and for which folders?  

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@Steve WhitcherIt's a year late, but hopefully this helps folks migrate.


The HKCU registry key for OneDrive should be able to provide enough info to determine status:


The REG_SZ value of 'KFMState' should indicate which paths have been redirected successfully.


A major blocker you may have to deal with regarding KFM is any local OneNote 2016 notebooks (even Quick Notes) will stop the folders from being redirected initially. Here's what I did to handle it:

- script a relocation of all local notebooks and their folders from Documents\OneNote Notebooks to OneDrive\Local Notebooks inside a YYYY-MM-DD_HH-mm-SS subfolder (prevents clobber from multiple PCs)

- delete the reg value of KfmIsDoneSilentOptIn (same key as above)

- cleanly exit the OneDrive client (PathToOneDrive.exe /shutdown)

- start the OneDrive client (PathToOneDrive.exe /background)


KFM should become operational on those remaining PCs.

@Steve Whitcher 


Steve, we changed a users home drive to read only and gave them info on how to copy their data to OneDrive, with a period of 6 months before it is completley removed.  Many users took the opportunity to get rid of old legacy items they no longer wanted.



That's a strategy you employed to move data to OneDrive from onsite storage though, not related to Known Folder Move which is an additional option.