Replacing File Share with OneDrive

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We are currently using an on-prem. File Share to host all of our company data. We have Office 365 and would like to utilize the OneDrive feature and storage to backup and potentially become the main source of data for everyone in the company.


With the File Share, it is a single source everyone can access when the drive is mapped to their PC and we are able to set up folders and delegates access to users depending on what the user would need.


When trying to understand how I would replicate this or do something similar I looked at the documentation here:


My Questions:

  1. To have the data in a central location in OneDrive do I just create a new account that should act as the "owner" of the data, and then depending on the folder grant permission or share the link to the appropriate end-users?
  2. If the above is true, once I've created the account that will host the data, it sounds like I could use the SharePoint Data Migration tool or is it as simple as installing the OneDrive software to the file-sharing server and backing it up that way (it's roughly 2.5 TB of data)?
  3. Once all the data is moved to OneDrive is there a way to turn off the sync feature. So if an item is deleted on the file-share or OneDrive it is then not deleted on the other?
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Just a FYI, OneDrive is personal storage like “home folders” . For shared storage you should utilize SharePoint. This is not connected to any accounts in that way that OneDrive is! Every user using OneDrive use their account to access their storage. SharePoint is on a tenant basis and permissions there set who can access what.


Thank you for clarifying which product I needed. I will begin looking into SharePoint as my option!


Hello, it's Ahmed a community visitor and I would like to share my opinion for any coming client to this question :)

To use OneDrive for Business to host and manage your company's data, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new OneDrive for Business account for the owner of the data. This account will be used to store and manage the company's data in OneDrive.

  2. Install the OneDrive for Business client on the file-sharing server and configure it to sync the data to the owner's OneDrive account. You can use the instructions here to set up the OneDrive client:

  3. Depending on the folder, grant permission or share the link to the appropriate end-users. To grant permission to a folder, you can use the instructions here:

To share a link to a file or folder: you can use the instructions here:

  1. Once all the data is moved to OneDrive, you can turn off the sync feature if you want to prevent data from being deleted on the file-sharing server or OneDrive when it is deleted on the other. To do this, you can follow the instructions here:

Alternatively, you can use the SharePoint Data Migration Tool to migrate your data from the file-sharing server to OneDrive. You can use the instructions here to download and install the tool:


I hope this helps!