Remove from shared list error "couldn't remove item from shared list"

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I was trying to remove outdated files in my "Shared with me" list.  I kept getting the error "Couldn't remove item from shared list - Either item hasn't been shared or isn't shared with you.   I verified from the owner of the file and it was shared with me.  The other instance is another user removed it from her "shared with me",  it says successfully removed but when she refreshed the list,  the file is still there.  When she tried to remove it again,  she now gets the same error "couldn't remove from the shared list."  Thanks for any assistance.

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I was under the impression that they are still rolling out this functionality. For what it's worth, I'm getting the same result on few files, which incidentally are mine (as in, how did they even end up in the "shared with me view"?). They are missing the "shared by" details too:



@Stephen Rose might be able to help here.

I am also having the same issue. I have a folder that is on my one drive and shared with another user but i see it on my shared with me page and get the same error when trying to remove it..




This morning,  I looked at my list again and it seems it takes 24 hrs before the changes take effect.  That's a long time to wait.

We also have complaints from users who see a bunch of files which were shared in their Shared with me view which they can't remove.


The files where shared by creating a "link for the organisation".


When we realised this resulted in a cluttered "shared with me" view. We removed the sharing link but the "Shared with me" is not updated and users are unable to remove the files ("Either item hasn't been shared or isn't shared with you").


We waited 24 hrs from the time we deleted the link.  It disappeared in the list of "shared with me".  Hope that helps.

Thanks, but it's already a few weeks since we removed the link...


I guess I'll have to open a support ticket.

That would be best and pls share with us the solution.  Thanks.