Recycle Bin Settings for Onedrive for Business Users.


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Wow, this time I think I've reached the limit of what we consider tolerable.

As for the Office365 Recycle Bin - for students and businesses - when it comes to Onedrive documents:

We have as a default that the deleted documents stay up to 93 days in the Trash and after this period, another 30 days in the Second stage Trash. Assuming no one has changed it, this is correct, right?

If this is correct, my question - and I apologize for that - is where do I confirm this information? Where do I change these if I want to?


My questions, I know they may be simple, but I ask them because I simply forgot. I remember nothing, absolutely nothing about it, which makes me very upset. I did a lot of research in order to try to help me but I think I'm not asking the right "question".


Once again, apologies for taking up everyone's time, and I appreciate anyone who can help me.


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It's 93 in total, between the Recycle bin and the second-stage one. And you cannot modify it. You can exert some control by means of Retention policies and such, but cannot modify the 93 days on the Recycle bin itself.
So isn't 93+30 correct... And yes the total between the two stages is 93 days? Something like 30+63 or any similar calculation...

When you say I can't change it in the Recycle Bin, I think about the end user. I even understand...

But Sharepoint Administrator, Tenet can only act on this with Retention Policies. I remember - and saw about it - but I really didn't remember the impossibility of configuring this.