Recently saved files not appearing in OneDrive Folders

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I just saved a bunch of files into OneDrive folders that I use to pull data. When I went to my spreadsheets to refresh and update the data, I was surprised to see that there was no change. I went to check the folders and none of the files I had just saved were appearing. I went back to Excel > File > Open, and my files were there with the correct pathway/folder location that I was looking in. But on refresh of the file explorer they are still not showing up, and considering that the spreadsheet are not pulling data from those specific data files, they are not there. 


Attached are screenshots of my folders without the files, along with a screenshot of Excel's recent files that show the file locations in those folders where they are not appearing. Appreciate any and all feedback/similar experiences.

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Had exacly the same problem this evening.  One work around was to save the file in the local drive only (e.g. Documents folder), and then copy it and then paste it into the One Drive Location.   That works, but doesn't solve the reported problem.