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We have our OneDrive's quota set at 50GB and in some cases we have had to increase selectively a number of OneDrive's over the 50GB to various quota amounts.  Once we are ready in leveraging the larger default storage quota, will that action cover those individual OneDrives that have been selectively addressed with storage increase or will we need to address each one of those OneDrive's separately so they are covered by the default quota of 1TB? Thank you

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Hi Juan,

Hope you are well. As per article you set the default OneDrive for Business Limit

As article states, this storage space setting applies to all new and existing users for whom you haven't set specific storage limits. To change the storage space for specific users, you need to use Microsoft PowerShell, that article is here

Hope that helps and that I have answered your question. If I have, please like the post and set it as the solution. If not, please let me know what more you need.

Best, Chris

Thank you Christopher!


So from what I see on the first link it looks we may need then to run a PowerShell operation for OneDrives not covered by the default quota (increased individually) when a larger new default quota is defined at the tenant level.  I was trying to understand if new larger default quotas will cover automatically those OneDrives that are not use the current default quota.

Hi Juan,

You are correct - powershell the Onedrive users not using the default quota. Changing the default does not change these users automatically!

Hope it goes well and glad it helped to clarify.

Best, Chris

Thank you!