"Your account has a problem. Tap here for details." Error is iOS OneDrive Mobile App

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Hello! Wanted to ask if anyone know why this error message "Your account has a problem. Tap here for details." will happen at the first place in my OneDrive App. Most of the time, when i tap on it then it will prompt for login, and after login the issue is resolved.


The only post i found is this, which is what i normally do to resolve the issue:


Because It is very frequent that i encounter this, does anyone:
- Know why is this happen at the first place? What are the possibility that trigger this.
- Has suggestion to prevent/minimize this from happen?


Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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This is usually due to token expiration, since the app is unable to silently renew the token you have to perform the authentication interactively. As to why it happens so often, it depends on the settings in your tenant, token lifetimes, CA policies, etc.