Pull report from Admin center for groove.exe and onedrive.exe

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Hello Experts,


is there any way to pull out the report for OneDrive client versions?


I am looking for users still using groove.exe and how many of them are using onedrive.exe?


Kindly let me know

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Not that I know of. I guess you might be able to get this info from the SCC Audit logs, but it will not be easy...

 @Juan Carlos González Martín @Salvatore Biscari might know more. Or @Anne Michels to comment on the possibility of getting such report, seems useful to me.

I don't know... Good question, anyway.

We recently did this, but had to use SCCM to gather the information from the managed PC's to do this versus something that was available on the server-side.

@Adrian Hyde, was there something special in SCCM you were looking for that indicated that onedrive.exe was in-use and not just installed?  Curious how you can tell which one is "active"?

Did this ever get answered cause I have never seen anything in sccm that can detect onedrive sync.