Problems with OneDrive Syncing

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Hello everyone,


I would like to share the problems that occur when I am syncing my OneDrive files.


Let me start from the beginning:


In February 2018, I got Office 365 Personal. All was great and worked perfectly. Now, in October, I got a new laptop and installed my previous Office Subscription, however, upon attempting to save a file to OneDrive, a "Sync Pending" icon next to the file appeared each time I tried to save a file. The only way I could make it online was to make it local on my new computer, but that is not what I wanted.


Now, any file that I save has an icon with a white circle, green outline with green tick in the middle. I do not know what this means or whether it is saved locally on my actual computer.


The rest of the files that I saved onto OneDrive from my previous computer have a cloud icon.


What I would really like from someone on here is just to give me the definitions of the following icons which appear next to files, so that I can find out what is even going on:


  • Blue cloud icon
  • Arrows in a circle "Sync pending"
  • Green coloured circle with a white tick
  • White circle with green outline with green tick in the middle



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The OneDrive Files On-Demand feature allows you to access all files in your OneDrive account without having to download documents, pictures and other files to your PC. The feature is useful if you have tens of GBs of files in your OneDrive account, but you don’t want to download all of them on to your PC to avoid filling up your local drive.


More details you can find here

Thanks! That helped.