Preview Tenant offering new Ondrive client; is it usable with non-preview tenant?

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On the topic our Preview O365-tenant started offering new Onedrive client, is there any release notes or info about this release somewhere? Can you use it with a Tenant that is not in Preview mode?
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NGSC has been released at the end of 2015 and updated a few times since then. It should work with all tenants.
To get started, give a look to this:
Actually I have been using the NGSC, but this post came 13.7 from Preview Tenant so that's why wondering. But let's see what the support page says since usually they are way behind in the information that they post.
Reason for the Preview tenant message was that is has less than 250 users so MS is making it mandatory to use the new ODB client in these environments.
More on this:

The NGSC has just installed itself on my PC during an Office repair. I found a Message Center message for one of my customer's tenants about it, but don't recall seeing it in my own MC.