Preview in OneDrive for Business does not work

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Hello guys,


I have a user which has a problem opening files in OneDrive for Business.

He is just using OneDrive for Business online (with Internet Explorer).

We stock a lot of pdf files in different folders. If he opens a folder and clicks on the files, normally it will open in a sort of preview in OneDrive for Business (online) itsself.

At this time, OneDrive for Business is loading the files and nothing happens. (You see the 4 points running from left to right on the top of the page)


What I tried yet:

- I used the user's account in 3 different browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome an Mozilla)

- I emptied all the caches of those browsers

- I tried a different pc

- I changed the GPO's of the folders where are located the files.


The problem is only for this user.

The actual solution is to select the files, click on the flag near open an then click on open this file in browser, but for me it's not the final solution.


Any ideas ?

Thank you





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