Pre-provisioning still required?


I know OneDrive for Business requires a pre-provisioning for new users so that the user can logon to his sync client on a PC.  Now the Fasttrack team told us the provisioning is done after the assignment of an OD4B license and a pre-provisioning with Powershell is not longer required. The Technet post at describes nothing about a "auto pre-provisioning" for users with a OneDrive license. I also found no other posts with that auto pre-provisioning information.

For us it's unclear what is the correct information? Maybe someone can give me an advise?


Thanks Tobias

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Last time I checked it was still required. I created a new account, it still gets the "Welcome to OneDrive for Business" screen and needs to press the Next link. So unless it's some timer job, doesn't seem like it gets automatically provisioned. Or maybe they mean that the ODFB client will provision it upon the first launch?

Same here, I believe pre-provisioning is still there and it makes sense to me from a performance point of view and also usage perspective

Thanks to both of you. Looks like it's still required.

I got a test account and assigned him a SharePoint Online Plan 2 license. After the login to the ODFB client the user gets a message his OneDrive is not prepared by the IT department. 

Thanks for the confirmation!

From my experience with our tenant, the provisioning step isn't necessarily triggered by the user visiting their site.  We see OneDrive sites created when the user launches the Office suite. 


We tried tracking this down last year via Microsoft Premier Support, but we never got an answer.

can someone relate which subscriptions are were you using back then when this happened? i'm here 2 years later and E3 with the same issues.

We have E3 licenses.