Pre-populate OneDrive NGSC with sharepoint online libraries.

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My users are in a highly controlled environment and low skilled, so it is important to provide the leased ammount of complexity.


While exploring the possebilities of the new OD client, we are looking for ways to use group policy to add Sharepoint online Libraries to the clients. Hoewever, in not sure how to do is. I remember seeing Library options in GPO's however they seem lost with the updated templates. (or am i missing something here).


I'm guessing it should be possible to add some registry keys under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\OneDrive\Accounts using group policy preference.

This would be nice because we could target it based on security groups. But im not sure this is the way to go.


Basically im looking for a way to pre-poppulate the Onedrive-Sharepoint libraries, when the user logs on.


As i'm not in production im still able to test, therefor i'm open to all (sensable) options and will update this thread


Rogier Dittner

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