Picture Library on Sharepoint Site not shown

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Hi all,


i want to copy Pictures from one Picture Library to another, which both are located on the same Site ("Family")

(named "fotos" & "Bilder").

2017-08-01 11_43_26-SharePoint Store and 8 more pages ‎- Microsoft Edge.png








When accessing this page with OneDrive4B, they are not shown up as a normal Document Library would do?

2017-08-01 11_47_30-Family – OneDrive and 8 more pages ‎- Microsoft Edge.png


2017-08-01 11_48_28-Family – OneDrive and 8 more pages ‎- Microsoft Edge.png



Can I use OneDrive4B to copy those pictures anyhow?


-> Syncing both is not an option as they have too many managed Metadata Columns, so OneDrive4B Synching app refuses to work.


-> Using Copy command in Picture Library itself shows the same behavoiur -> the other Picture Library is not listed as well.

2017-08-01 11_53_56-screenshots.png








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Mmm...let my try to help you:
1. What you are seeing from your ODFB is actually not a document library, is a Group / SPO Site
2. When working with document libraries you have two user experiences: classic one (the first shown in your post) and the modern one (second one)
3. You can copy files from ODFB to SPO / Groups sites and the other way around.
4. You can files from one site to another site.

For 3. and 4. you need to use document libraries modern experience

Hi Juan,


sorry for the late answer -> I did not get an email notification :-(.


1. SPO means SharePoint Online?

2. I am using modern experience

3. & 4. But How, as shown in my first Thread, the copy command is not working in my special situation?


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best response confirmed by Eric Brahmann (Occasional Contributor)

Created a standard Document Library and changed some settings (no versioning / Custom Content Types)

Now i can copy my Pictures from the Picture App.


1) Metadata remains

2) Uploading Pictures and Videos does not make Problems