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I've been trying to experiment with using OneDrive for Business (Education) as a photo album - we have a number of courses that have a lot of images, so having a searchable resourcce that's tagged etc,. would be ideal. 

However, all my reading of help pages would suggest that the album features available in OneDrive for personal use isn't yet available for Business users. 

What other solutions have people found (preferably as easy as possible from a technical point of view)



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You could look at SharePoint Online, that could be a more suitable place to centralise these resources depending on requirements. This has a few ideas for this


Also there is an upcoming feature that might be of interest - Central Asset Library


Organizations and teams will now be able to provide users an easy access to the organization’s approved images. For example, the Marketing department can share all the Marketing approved images that can be used by everyone in a centralized location.


@Cian Allner 

Thanks - I don't think the 2nd option would work, as we're very much thinking about gruops of images for particular courses, rather than for the whole student body. 


However, I will investigate the first option - especially if I can see a way to have non-Uni wide tags. 

@Emmadukew I really don't understand why microsoft is not bringing the Photos part that is available in OneDrive Personal to the Business side. I think a lot of paying users are really waiting for this feature. I am. I'm now paying for multiple cloud services because MS doesn't provide this in OneDrive Business. To bad.