Photo albums in OneDrive are not automatically updated when I add new pictures to the onedrive folde

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When I add new photos to the folders that I created my Albums from, the OneDrive albums are not automatically updated.
so for example 1 month ago I put all my photos to one folder on my OneDrive account and then used OneDrive app to create a photo album from that folder.
now I added some more photos to that folder but my OneDrive album doesn't see them, and also the Windows 10 photos app doesn't see them because albums created in OneDrive also appear in the Photos app and that's where I see my photos and interact with them.


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The only solution that i found is to go to the OneDrive app (downloaded from Windows store) 


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in the Photos section, choose "Files", not "Photos" and then select all files and add them again to the same album.

fortunately OneDrive recognizes them duplicates and only adds the new photos to the album.

the reason why I said choose "Files" and not "Photos" is because in "Photos", CTRL+A shortcut does not work so there is no way to select all photos at the same time, it only works in the "Files" (screenshot above)