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With the new links, it seems not possible to create a link to a PPSX which will directly open the presentation in slide show mode. Getting a link creates a link which opens the the presentation in normal mode by default.

Earlier (3 months ago) the link used to open the presentation in view mode. But now it doesn’t. It forces the user into edit mode even if it is PPSX and not PPTX.

How to get a link to a PPSX which open directly into a slide show view?
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I have found the same thing, I have a folder in SharePoint that contains all my ppsx 'shows' that I direct staff to view. These have all now begun opening as PowerPoint files and then the viewer has to launch as a slideshow. This defeats the object of having the files saved as ppsx. 


Can this function be put back please, it used to work well last year but for some reason it no longer functions this way. 

Perhaps we need to ping some MS folks around here, otherwise no one will see this!
How do we do that?

I think the solution can be found here:


In short:

hi, we are a year later and i want to know if u got any helpful replies? cause the problem still exist :(

@Abhimanyu Singh 

The key change is replacing the action parameter with embedview so that animations can be displayed. The manual method is to click Start Slide Show when the PowerPoint file opens in Office Web App.


I found that appending this to the end of the URL does the trick.