Open a specific site in OneDrive for Busines for iOS

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I've got a PDF stored in One Drive 4 Business which I'm accessing using the OneDrive App for IOS on my iPad.

The PDF is stored like that:

Within this PDF I've got shortcuts to different JPG's which should be opened in OneDrive app as well:


The example JPG is stored here:


I've figured out that I'm able to open One Drive App within iOS like this:




Like this it's only showing the sites collection in OneDrive app but I'd like to open OneDrive AND open the specific image I've mentioned above, like this:



This URL only opens the site collection but not my image.


Is there a documentation about how to use the ms-onedrive:// shortcut for iOS to access files / folders?


Thank you & best


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Hi @sani21

Whilst it is referenced in the following article

There does not seem to be any official documentation on this. So I have opened a uservoice for it here. Recommend you vote on it.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard 

Thank you, I'm just wondering if this feature (ms-onedrive URL link to a specific file / folder) isn't implemented yet or if I'm just messing up the syntax.


Maybe another user already experienced this issue and found a way to do it?




I don't think it is implemented yet.

I tested it and the following works


However, it does not seem to go into the folders within these sections.

Best, Chris

Ok thank you, I've experienced the same behavior.


Let's see if the feature gets implemented, I'll search for a workaround in the meantime.





I don't suppose anyone's been able to come up with more information on this Uri scheme? Still can't seem to navigate past the initial ms-onedrive://shared to get to one of the sub-folders.