OneNote Web Clipper does not work with OneDrive for Business

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Hello everybody,

I have to do a lot of research on the web and would like to use the OneNote WebClipper to save and share all my findings in OneNote notebooks - within the Microsoft 365 account provided by my employer.

Unfortunately, I am not able to do this. In Firefox as well as in Chrome, this error message appears when I am trying to save anything: "We could not load your notebooks because a list limit was exceeded on OneDrive." (Translation from German by me), combined with a link to this article from 2016, which is no longer updated:

However, if I use the OneNote WebClipper together with my private Office 365 account, saving web content is possible without any problems.

This situation is not acceptable for me in the long run, because I don't want to mix my private and my business account for obvious reasons.

My assumption: The Microsoft OneNote Backend counts all items saved/stored by my company in OneDrive. The number of these items then exceeds a limit for the Web Clipper usage. Privately I saved significantly fewer items, so the limit does not apply.

My employer's system administrators would only deal with the issue if I were to receive confirmation from here that the document from 2016 is still valid and that the procedure described therein is likely to be successful. Of course they would prefer not to have to make any major changes to our system and that Microsoft would solve the problem by an update.

Thank you very much for your help!




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Hi @Jens-Volker 


Thank you for posting the question on our forum. I am sorry that you're not able to save your Web Clips to OneNote notebooks linked to OneDrive for Business account. According to your description, the issue seems to be due to a limit on the number of OneNote items in OneDrive library for a given OneDrive account.
I understand that you need a confirmation from the related team that link to the document - is valid and remedial steps described therein can help mitigate the issue. I also understand that it would be more convenient for you if we can solve this using an update.


Kindly help us with following additional information in order to better investigate the cause and mitigation for your issue -

1. Screenshot of the error message
2. Session ID

a. If you're using OneNote on Web platform, you can find it under File > About > Session ID
b. If you're using OneNote on Desktop platform, you can find it under File > Account > About OneNote > Session ID


Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.