Onedrvie - Strange icon share on pc

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I've a strange things with share documents.

On PC, Onedrive say all my documents are shared (like 2 pictures aboth)


958548489 - AnyDesk.jpg


958548489 2 - AnyDesk.jpg

On one drive, on network, they're not shared.

958548489 3 - AnyDesk.jpg

I've files whose i don't want to be shared.

Is someone say whats going on ?

Thank you by advance

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It looks like you've shared the Documents folder which will show all of the sub-folders as shared as a result. Go to the "manage access" section of your documents folder and remove any sharing links, this should sort it.

@Rhys Williams 

Strangely, i had share a single file inside the folder.

I have unistall and instal onedrive, and now it's ok.


thank you for your support