OneDrive ZIP downloads is converting Office 365 files to TXT, but not PDF files.

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My users are noticing that when they download multiple files from a OneDrive folder, it does its normal ZIP folder download, but then when the user opens the zip file, all the Office 365 files seem to convert to TXT and show an error. I am attaching a screenshot. 


PDF files do not seem to be an issue, can anyone else confirm this?


Here is the contents of one of the files which was an excel file:


This file cannot be downloaded.

ExceptionType: WebMeTAException.

CorrelationId: 358e5896-6af4-433b-a3bb-8ad402496a32,

UTC DateTime: 5/29/2018 2:04:13 PM


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My files are not checked out and still have the issue. 

Hi Greg

Was this ever resolved for you? We have a single user who has reported this issue on her Mac when downloading files from the SharePoint site backing her MS Team (she has full control over it). We have reported it to MSFT but they have not been able to come up with an explanation for this yet.

The issue effects her Mac (it is not reproducible on Windows PC's) and seems to apply to pdf, png and bmp files.

@Greg Hogan - I have found a workaround to download ZIP files from O365 sites. Just click on the file so that the site tries to open it in a new tab and throws an error that the preview can't be displayed; however, there would be a download button to help you download the file. Please let me know if this workaround works for you as well.

@Greg Hogan  this probably you hit 200 files limit in the zip