OneDrive ZIP downloads is converting Office 365 files to TXT, but not PDF files.

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My users are noticing that when they download multiple files from a OneDrive folder, it does its normal ZIP folder download, but then when the user opens the zip file, all the Office 365 files seem to convert to TXT and show an error. I am attaching a screenshot. 


PDF files do not seem to be an issue, can anyone else confirm this?


Here is the contents of one of the files which was an excel file:


This file cannot be downloaded.

ExceptionType: WebMeTAException.

CorrelationId: 358e5896-6af4-433b-a3bb-8ad402496a32,

UTC DateTime: 5/29/2018 2:04:13 PM


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That isn't normal. I would try from another computer / user etc. and see if you can reproduce it, and if available another folder in general with similar files. If you can keep reproducing I would submit a ticket.

Yes I have done that, I have tried a machine on the domain, off the domain, 1709 build/1803 build. I have changed networks, same result. The issue does not happen when I use a personal onedrive account.


I have opened a ticket with MS, and so far have not had much help :\ so I am reaching out there.



So you don't have the issue logging into your OneDrive for Business folder and downloading it? Or you mean you don't have it using a OneDrive personal account and sharing that out for download? They are 2 different service back ends so if it's the later that would explain it.

Onedrive Business (K12 District) Issue is there.

Onedrive Personal (mine) issue is not, and files download normally in zip.

I just went ahead and tested on my end everything is working as intended. Curious do you guys or have you been messing around with any of the conditional access policies etc? Wondering if something on those files types might be causing / preventing downloads of certain file types.

Having the same thought, and checking, its a maze in there to navigate.


Nothing I can find shows this is causing it.


Update - if I use IE and add our office 365 onedrive web address as a trusted site it works for IE.

Chris, can you check to see of your tenant FQDN is in trusted sites? I am trying to find someone who can duplicate that.


Or even trying to use chrome for the zip downloads and not IE.


It seems MS resolved this on their back end, no reason given, it just magically started working again after lots of calls. 

I still have the same issue on my OneDrive for Business...adding to trusted sites and open with IE is doesn't work for me...


Any suggestion?

We are also having the same issue with downloading multiple files from SharePoint Online.  Any update on this?  

Same issue.  One file at a time works, but selecting multiple files ends up with a zip file and all the files converted to txt files containing an error message:

This file cannot be downloaded.
ExceptionType: WebMeTAException.

Tried from multiple computers, from multiple locations. 

For those still having the issue,

In my case, it was because the files uploaded were not published as major versions. When we went to check the properties, it was a minor ver. When I published it, it downloaded correctly without errors.

If you have a lot of files that need publishing, you can use this link as reference:

I don't understand at all that Microsoft can destroy a simple download function and fix it for users.


Just uploaded 2 files on OneDrive, then downloaded it back, error! Perfect!!


Anyway, thank you for your solution. Do I need to do this every time to download new created/uploaded files?

Thanks. Publishing files was the issue in mycase.

You can go into versioning settings and set it up to create major versions instead of major and minor versions. And it will do that for the files uploaded in the future. 

Did you really just try to use a google forms document in a MS support thread? Thats my first red flag. 

It's spam, it's a fake tech support con, it's been reported!