OneDrive: We Couldn’t Merge The Changes in Office File

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I'm not sure if this feature is used by many but I do. I access my company's SharePoint and collaborate with my team mates on Excel files using OneDrive. However, there's an annoying bug while using this feature. I've Googled just a bit and found out others are facing this issue as well. Also, all the users in company who I made try the feature experiences this issue and I've got two different computers. I resort to this community because basic troubleshooting like resetting OneDrive and repairing Office etc. don't work.


I've got AutoSave enabled. If the file I'm editing is open by another user(all of them access the files using Excel for web), after closing the document, I always get this error in OneDrive notification tray "OneDrive: We Couldn’t Merge The Changes in Office File". I open the document manually save it, still the same error. I think it saves but I just get this error.


Do you have any insight on this?


Thank you.

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