OneDrive version 22.089xxxx gets installed on severall machines. Since last week

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We received complaints from customers that they cannot see their updatet OneDrive files when using remoteapp. 


On the Wvd servers where this happend was the OneDrive cliënt upgraded from 22.077.0410.0007 to


We have configured production ring (regkey)


After we noticed the wrong OneDrive cliënt gets installed, we looked and noticed that this also could be configured now gpo with help from a new OneDrive gpo template)

The servers are not fresh installed.


But the servers gets insiders ring version This alsof happens to our intune devices.

Since last week this is hapening. No changes have been made by us


How??? Problem with Microsoft???

Uninstalling the OneDrive cliënt and reinstall OneDrive.exe for all users didn't help. After starting OneDrive it's get updated to de insiderversion......



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