OneDrive Unable to Start

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I have for many years run both OneDrive Business and Personal folders between my home and workplace. Suddenly at the end of last week, my OneDrive functions on my work PC stopped all together.

  • I have no Tray Icons and the program will not start when I click on it.
  • All Context Menu options have also disappeared and the files in my OneDrive folders have the grey X overlay.
  • Using the "Sync Now" function online causes nothing to happen.
  • The OneDrive Windows App can still see my online files, but Sync does nothing and Downloading a file just drops it to my Downloads folder.
  • I have downloaded and tried reinstalling, and the OneDrive.EXE shows today's date so it appears the update is successful.
  • We have No Group Policies set for the use of OneNote

Both Computers are running Windows 10 Pro.
OneDrive from my Home PC is still functioning fine for both accounts.

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