OneDrive treats a Project file (MPP) rename as a delete and create activity


Hi all,


I renamed an MPP file in Windows 11 via File Explorer and I was surprised to see the following activity on SharePoint:


This is completely untrue. I did not delete the file, and create a new one.


The old file was in the SharePoint Online Recycle Bin as well.  Why cannot OneDrive detect this as a renaming action? 


We have a strict policy of file deletion, and now I am in trouble by my manager because OneDrive caused SharePoint Online to show the above activity, and I have no way to prove otherwise.




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I recommend discussing this on a Project forum, as it's a relatively niche product. (Or SharePoint even as this does not relate directly to OfB).
Note also that SharePoint treats move operations from site to site as delete and recreate actions, so there is precedence for some of this.

@Mike Williams from my software engineering experience, I can confidently say that it is OfB using the SharePoint file delete/create calls instead of using the rename calls. Therefore, SharePoint misinterprets the file operation performed by the user and incorrectly populates the Activity. It is not SharePoint Online fault.