OneDrive, too many problems

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I have lots of questions.





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Make sure you have the latest and launch the latest OneDrive client.

The account you are using, is it in Office 365 and can you navigate to OneDrive in that account or licensed to use OneDrive?

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I am pretty sure I use the latest version of  OneDrive. another thing is my OneDrive does not live in the Office365, because my SharePoint is On Premise and my URL (http://onedrive.litwareinc.pri) is a URL of SharePoint AAM for outside user

I just replied to your other post, please refrain from double posting for the same issue. Thanks.

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Sure, I know. but that's not the same issue. the problem is regarding "we couldn't sync this folder" :sad:

gotcha, seemed like the same issue. So using the domain\usersname format still renders this error?

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sure ... stuck here ...