OneDrive sync client on Remote Desktop session

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On my organisation we used to have an On-Premises SharePoint library as a data source for some dashboards (most of them QlikView) and now we want to move this library to the SharePoint Online, but we found that is not possible to have a direct access from the existing dashboards to the new environment. We tried to use the old OneDrive sync client (groove.exe) from a Windows 2012 Server to sync the SPO library to a local folder and use the local copy as a source for our reports. The main issue with this approach is that the Sync Client is not working if the user that initate the syncronization is not logged on the server.
Now, my question is, this new client have the option to run as a service? To not be necessary to be logged on the server and the synced files to be up to date on the local folder?

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the short answer is no. The Next Generation Sync Client runs in an Users Context.