OneDrive sync Catch-22

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My local C drive keeps getting maxed out with files that OneDrive insists on syncing there. I tried to manage this by going to "Choose OneDrive folders to sync" and it indeed shows me I have negative 300GB of space because there is not enough space on my C drive, but believe it or not after spending considerable time deselecting enough folders to get me back to positive on my drive when I click on OK I get an error telling me I cannot deselect folders that have not finished syncing to my local hard drive yet! Well, of course, that can never happen because I don't have enough space on my local drive! Truly a Catch-22! (Don't ask me how it was possible to even get into such a situation to begin with because I have no idea.)


Another problem: believe it or not even if I try to deselect syncing some folders with lots of data in them the OK button in the dialog remains disabled until I reach a positive (>0) local hard drive space balance so I can't incrementally deselect folders to stop syncing as a work around to the above problem (the idea being to at least unsync some folders that have already synced but don't really need to be on my local drive in order to free up some space).


I can't believe with a product that has been around for so long that such dumb problems should still exist, but regardless I need help because my computer just starts grinding to a halt for lack of local disk space!

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@databased_Gary Have you tried using the Free Up space option on relevant folders so that they are not consuming local disk?