OneDrive stuck on "getting in sync" icons



Recently I upgraded my sync client and now my OneDrive says it is up to date but the folders and files always show the "getting in sync" icon. What should I do to fix? Running Build 17.3.7078.1026

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Same problem here.  Did you find a fix for it?

Pausing and then resuming the sync seems to fix it for me when I get that issue.

It does for me too, but as soon as a Restart the PC the problem comes back

No I have not had any response.
I've done this and it might fix for a while but it comes back.
so it depends on how many files... Sometimes it stops after Rebooting the machine

Hi Susan, I was having the same problem and pausing the sync and resuming it would fix the display issues. After a restart the display issue was coming back. And it is really a display issue because when adding a new file or folder the sync was doing fine and was showing the new addition as synced.


We are seeing this issue on Windows 10 (1703, 1709) and Windows 7.

Then I update my computer with the new release of the insider preview or Windows 10 (Build 17063) and I am now running the client version 17.3.7289.1207 and there is no issue at the moment.


I do think that the issue is with the version of the client you are running. There should be no problem with the sync but I agree that it is not easy to explain to client running into that kind of issues.

We are also experiencing similar issues (icons remain on syncing status) on build 17.3.729031212

We are planning a roll out of OneDrive and the sync client and would like to have a solution to this problem. I agree with you and think this is just a display issue and the files are syncing. However, as a trainer, I don't want to try to explain this to the entire corporation.



Are you seeing this issue with the current version of OD- 17.3.7131.1115 


Current versions are always listed here:

I downloaded the current version of OD--17.3.7131.115. Currently all files show up to date. I will see if the issue returns. Thanks!

Having the same problem in the build 17.3.7131.1115...

My OneDrive is back to "getting in sync" icons too now!!


Once rebooted, problem is back; only pause/resume reverts to normal state

Windows 10 1709 16299.192 and OD 17.3.7131.1115

Yes the issue still exists with the current version of OD 17.3.7131.1115. The icons revert back to syncing. The files are all up to date.

We are running 17.3.7131.115 and are encountering these same issues. The only daily workaround is “Pausing and then resuming” which fixes the sync issues until the machine is rebooted. Not really a fix at all, has anyone opened an MS Case on the issue?

If you right-click the OneDrive icon, choose Report a Problem and please add the issue there. That will help us to track this issue and work to resolve.




Had already done that (see 30099-1363118)
For us it is not just a display issue. We get an error when we try to open any excel files from the folder that is showing the sync icon. We can still upload documents we just cant open them.