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I have been using OneDrive mobile app to sign documents since early January 2020. This is completed via Markup Pen > Signature and Markup > Date feature. 


However, for the past two weeks, I am surprised to come to know that my signature and date can be moved around / resized / even deleted after sync back to OneDrive cloud and view the document on laptop.


The recipients are able to do so at the same time from their end as well. The same issues also happened in iPad. 


This has raised security concerns because signature and date are not supposed to be moved around after saved. 


Please check and advise why this is happening. 


Thank you

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@MargeLee  Hi Marge. You must be sharing documents to the recipients with full Edit rights rather than read only.


If you are sending documents for them to sign - then you'll need to lock the documents with whatever the format allows so that they can only sign them. Or you will at least need to revoke edit rights after they've signed the document.

@Mike Williams Hi Mike, Allow me to detail the steps below for better explanation.


Let's take an example : Sending Document A.pdf to sign

  1. I attached the document and send via outlook to request for signature
  2. Signer view the document via outlook using his phone (Android / iPad), save the document into OneDrive and sign it using the OneDrive Markup > Signature and OneDrive Markup > Date.
  3. Signer attached the signed document and return to the sender (myself) via Outlook
  4. When I open the PDF document and view via Adobe Acrobat reader, the signature block is able to move around, resize and even removed.
  5. From signer side, the signature block is able to move around, resize and even removed when view the document from his laptop (via Adobe Acrobat reader).

I attached the sample document for your checking.


Please can you advise? Thank you

Hi Marge


I am not (for safety reasons) going to open a document attached to a public forum. 


If you look at your workflow, both you and the signer each have a link to or copy of the document with edit rights, so you can both do whatever you like to the document. If you want a secure transaction that locks the document then you need to use something like Adobe Sign.



@Mike Williams Hi Mike,


Noted on Adobe Sign.

Do you mean it is not safe to use the OneDrive PDF Viewer available feature (Markup > Signature) to sign a document?

Please advise in which scenario suit to use this OneDrive signature feature?



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@MargeLee  Hi Marge - personally I would only consider it for scenarios of high importance or to be compliant for some regulations if a copy of the signed document was transmitted back in an encrypted email or the document was otherwise locked down.  You should not confuse an electronic ink signature with secure digital signature. They're both digital, and that's it; the e-ink signature could be re-used (or mis-used) by other people in the same way as scanned signatures, whereas a true digital signature is linked to your identity in stronger ways. See, for example:


Note that this forum is a public self-help community. If you want advice from Microsoft then you'll need to raise a service ticket with them.

@Mike Williams Hi Mike, yes. I'm looking at the e-Signature and we're perfectly clear which document to use for the e-signature. Thanks so much for the explanation and reference. 


mike thank you very much!!!*^^*