OneDrive Shared View of folder limits to 100 files

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We found an issue with folders in OneDrive being shared and containing 100+ files.


When using the list view, only the first 100 are loaded (on the fly), remaining files are not loaded and there is no possibility to scroll or page further.


When switching to thumbnail view, we can scroll further and see all files.

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Never seen this issue...

Which browser? Have you tried with other browsers?

Adding @Stephen Rice.

We've tried with several browsers IE, Edge and Chrome.

First time I hear about this issue...ODFB UI is using same client side technology to display files and I have many libraries where I have folders with more than 100 files and not problems when displaying all of them

Hi @bart vermeersch,


I just tested this briefly on my machine and wasn't able to get it to work. To confirm, are you using the modern OneDrive library experience or are you in classic view? If you're still having issues with this, feel free to open a ticket with support so we can begin tracking this down. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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We are also experiencing this same issue. Using Windows 10 and MS Edge. Our temporary workaround is to go back to Classic Mode and all the files will display at that point. We also tried Chrome and the same issue exists.

My organisation is facing the same issue, Windows 7 and IE11 / Chrome v58 here...

Hi @Stephen Rice


Support request 117062015920419 was created.


We are using the modern view (in the classic you can rely on paging buttons).

Thanks @bart vermeersch,


Let me know how it goes. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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Hi @bart vermeersch 

can you please check if you still face the issue ?

Hi @Niel Armstrong can you please check if the issue is still present ?

Hi @Bart Blocker can you please verify if the issue is solved ?

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Hey all,


To add onto Bruno's question, we identified a bug and it should be fixed now. Let us know if you're still experiencing issues. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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Impressive sir :)


It would be so nice if all the bugs we are experiencing with the modern views were fixed so fast!



Hi bruno, appears to be working normally again, many thanks for the swift resolution!

Yes really impressive!

I am in this community since the day zero of the old Yammer network and I can say that, without any doubt, @Stephen Rice is the most kind and responsive Microsoft representative ever seen!

Thank you very much Stephen!

I'm just happy to help! 


And to be fair, I have very little to do with actually fixing the bugs. That credit all goes to our engineering team which truly is fantastic! :) 


Stephen Rice

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Just verified that the fix is working. Thanks for checking back.

I have anotger problem with moving more than 100 files between folders, same problem everywhere, different browsers, computers, on phone, both the web interface and one drive app. Very annoying and frustrating.

Hi @Einar Birgisson,


What type of issue are you seeing? Can you share some screenshots to help me understand the issue? Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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