Onedrive share popup disappear issue in IE11


Anyone who have  issues experience about sharing file in onedrive for business at Internet Explorer 11?

When we click share button in OneDrive for Business in at Internet Explorer 11 , the popup messages disappeared before we type members who we will share, but when I try to test in chrome browser, it works normal. Do you know why it happens and how can we resolve this?



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Hi @hongwoo_jin 



It this issue happening for one user or multiple?

If it is for one user then please try to clear History and temp files on  IE browser. Also try to Reset IE.


Thannk you





It happens multi user, when I ask then most of users IE11 happens that issues, and when I follow your instruction, it looks resolve it, but when I check it again, it happens same issues.

Hi @hongwoo_jin 


Could you please cofirm the exact version of IE using? I use below version.




Can you try to connect one of the users to another Network connection and try again? Like try to hotspot mobile connection and access the ondrive via External internet connection.


Thank you


Hi, Dav @Deleted 


First of all my IE11 version is like that below.



Let me try it to access and test via external network or hotspot. 


Also let me ask issuers which IE11 version they are using, then I'll share with you.

But this may take time than I think, 





I did update my IE11 version, but there is no any changes, so I registered issues on Office 365 support, and they explained that issues happens when Korean IME selected in Taskbar. 

So it is now requesting  escalation to fix , it takes time to resolve.


Thank you for your advice and help.