OneDrive Settings in the Active Users Admin Portal

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I am FirstRelease so this may not be visible to all, but I am now seeing OneDrive settings for users in the Admin Portal. Fantastic to see a "sign-out" feature which signs the user out of all Office 365 sessions across all devices. What I'm wondering is if anyone has seen the Powershell for this feature? I am working on an automated immediate termination script and think this would just be the cherry on top of this ice cream sundae!



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It's all sessions across SharePoint/ODFB, not across all O365 workloads. The cmdlet is Revoke-SPOUserSession, you need the SPO PowerShell module to run it.

That would completely explain why this cmdlet was positioned under the OneDrive Settings header. Thank you. It will still be a valuable add-on to my script.

The wording really should be updated to clarify the intent. It does say all Office 365 sessions across all devices. This leads to expectations beyond SharePoint and ODFB.